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The Squirrels

Rock Polisher!

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UPDATE, 7/2020

As you hardcore fans may recall (but probably not), The Squirrels pretty much took 2002 off gig-wise in order to concentrate on chipping away at the follow up to to their critically acclaimed album from 2000 "The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon". Vowing to top the previous release and deliver the album the fans have always wanted, what resulted has been described by those who have heard it as "the MOTHER of all Squirrels albums". Yessir, this highly confusing and oh-so-entertaining album, which the band eventually dubbed "Rock Polisher" in reference to the more-than-usual amounts of sessions and/or obsessive attention to detail involved, truly is the BOMB DIGGITY and then some.

Co-produced by long-time guitarist Jimmy Thomas & vocalist / ringleader Rob "Capt." Morgan at J.T.'s home studio (aka "The Vulcan Philosophy Center") over the course of many months, this thing is a real piece of work, to say the least. BOY HOWDY, kiddos, are you guys gonna be happy once you hear it! This thing is WAY, WAY, WAY out there- you long-time fans in particular will be beside yourselves with joy as we'd finally gotten around to recording kick-ass studio versions of several staples from the live show show that had somehow escaped the previous albums, primarily due to amount of studio time needed to truly get them right, which we never had at Egg (Uno liked working fast!).

All the tracks came out tight & thumpin', the mixes are trippy as hell, & the performances are all top of the line classic Squirrels. Special guest stars this time around included Flamin' Groovies founder Roy A. Loney (RIP), Ken Stringfellow of The Posies (& The 23 Squirrel Five!), Secret Squirrel Henry Boy, & legendary heavy metal drummer Heinous Mallet. WOO HOO!!!

Unfortunately, as good as it was, the ongoing destruction of the music business by the internet, a changing musical landscape, the crazy amount of royalties involved and label's increasingly narrow minded opinions about what it meant to be a Rock band from Seattle (re: NOT US! LOL!) resulted in our never finding away to get it pressed and released, no matter how hard we tried. And oh, how we tried.

 So, F it... here it is, people. In all of it's glory... the GREAT LOST SQUIRRELS ABUM, "Rock Polisher". We sincerely hope that you enjoy it. We're sure that you will. We sure did. Enjoy!

(Oh, and we are STILL looking for a label for a proper release. In case somebody reading this has one. And remembers the REAL Seattle. Ahem/sigh).



The basic band on this recording consists of Rob Morgan (vocals, kazoo, slide whistle, misc. sound effects), Jimmy Thomas (guitars-a-plenty, vocals, bass), Joey Kline (guitar, vocals), Tom Morrison (RIP) (keyboards), Kevin Crosby (bass), Hollis The Bug (drums, percussion, vocals), & Baby Cheevers (vocals), with special guest stars Roy A. Loney (RIP) (vocals), Ken Stringfellow (vocals), Henry Boy (vocals), Bruce Laven (piano), & Heinous Mallett (percussion). Needless to say, this sucker ROCKS!!!!!


PRODUCED BY JIMMY "J.T" THOMAS &/or ROB "CAPT." MORGAN for "Now THAT'S Producin'" Productions.

Engineered / recorded by Jimmy Thomas.

Additional ears & hands by Hollis The Bug.

Mixed by Jimmy & Rob.

Recorded at The Vulcan Philosophy Center in Seattle Washington a day here & a day there between Feb. & Dec. 2002. Mastered @ Seattle Disc Mastering by Mark Guenther (Master Masterer).



1. The "Magic Fingers" Medley

2. Let's Dance / Wish You Were Here

3. I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home)

4. Reggae Medley # 420

5. The "Mandy" Medley

6. Radar Bus / Pinball Jackson

7. Sweet Pinky

8. Black Napkins

(C) 2002 Poplust Audio

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