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emotional android

the downfall of gravity

The second full length release of the second generation of Emotional Android, The Downfall of Gravity, is available for streaming and purchase now ! Scroll down to get the album!

The album is a yearlong consumption of guitar and bass stuff, a bunch of pedals, guitar and bass synths, wild ass drums, loops, Acid Pro 10, Pro Tools, and Dropbox.


Emotional Android recommends watching 4k footage from the International Space Station while listening to this. Either that or going on a long walk, driving really fast, working in the yard or cleaning around the house.

Downloads available in FLAC and MP3 formats.

(Scroll below the music player for links!)

emotional android is:

Jimmy Thomas: guitars, bass, midi bass, guitar synth, keys,

loops edits, drum programming


Donn Gunn: drums

Drums recorded and mixed by Don Gunn at "The office"

Everything else recorded and mixed by Jimmy Thomas at

"The Vulcan Philosophy Centre"

Cover Artwork by Morgan Thomas

Listen Loud, Have Fun!

You can buy the album and Listen to it on the following services as well as direct from this site using PayPal.

YouTube Music

Amazon Music

Apple Music



Contact info: jimmythomas111atgeemaildotcom
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