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Discography and a few links:

Recent bands and projects:

The Squirrels 1989 -2002, 2014? 2016-current (stunt guitar and vocals)

Manooghi Hi (bass)2007 - 2010

The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra - aka - Z.E.R.O.

I don't remember when it all started. Check Kevin's website for details!

much older bands and projects:

Type A!

bass, mix engineer on two cd's

alive again: live at the triple door in Seattle 2004

74 minutes of fun(k) 2008

Mass Hypnosis (bass and, yikes – vocals) 1984 -1988

JT’s Emotional Android: Get This Off My Chest Vol 1 (bass, guitar, keys, vocals) 1990

JT’s Emotional Android: Get This Off My Chest Vol 2 (bass, guitar, keys, vocals) 1991







Lonesome Jerome with mark dufresne and billy stapleton - bass 1992 - 199?

Keith Anderson and the New York Quakers 1994

Fire with Fire cd - co-producer/mix engineer

from the edge - 1981 - 198?

loud ass fusion jazz!



No Prison For Pot: A Hempfest Movie with The Squirrels 2002

Crossing The Bridge: With Michael Shrieve

(bass on two tunes) 1992

EA vol 2 cover.jpg

Contact info: jimmythomas111atgeemaildotcom
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