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Really amazing plugins from Sean Costello and  and Don gunn (android's drummer)!

get the super massive for free-yes free!!

Some of my favorite pedals come from here!

Some come from here.

More cool-ass pedals!

Did I mention pedals yet?

Wanna make your own pedals? Go here!

If you can only get one mic, get thirty!

Then go here and get even more mics, among other stuff!

Super cool pedals, synths, manuals, ideas, and all things cool!

Some of my go to plugins come from here!

My favorite bass amps going all the way back to 1984!

No other place to get your gear fixed or made from scratch!

Most stuff i get from here

I get a bunch from here too!

If ya want a good selection of acoustic instruments go here (collings guitas!)

Contact info: jimmythomas111atgeemaildotcom
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