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THE SQUIRRELS- “25, or 64?”


An all new studio recording to commemorate Rob “Capt.” Morgan’s 64th Burfday (b. May 30th, 1958).

Lucky you! 

Produced by JT and Rob.

Recorded/engineered/mixed/whatever by JT at the Vulcan Philosophy Center in Seattle, Washington, May 2022.

Drum tracks recorded by Bill at Guantanamo Ray Studios in Everett, Washington.

Arrangement by Rob and Jimmy,

lyrics rewritten/updated by Rob (with a little help from my friends John, Paul and Alice).

å≈Catering by Chick-A-Go.


Rob “Capt.” Morgan- Lead vocals, kazoos

Jimmy “JT” Thomas- Guitars, bass, Blooze vocal

“Horn parts” performed by Tower Of Sour (aka Rob & JT)


Bill Ray- Drums


Another “Now THAT’S Producin’!” Production. (C) 2022 Poplust Audio / emotionalandroidmusicwerks.

For more on The Squirrels,

visit Rob’s fb page at 

Contact info: jimmythomas111atgeemaildotcom
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