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Emotional Android 2022 –

Logic Level Zero

YO! All of us here at Emotional Android Music Werks are excited for the new album Logic Level Zero.

A little Background on This Release:

Let’s start with Asimov’s three laws of robotics from I Robot.

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

* added later: Zeroth Law: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.

Humanity has become a runaway shit show and the Android has decided to put law #3 into action and get the hell out! Different definitions of human are decided by different groups of people, causing programming conflicts within the robot community. For example, the same company that makes the Roomba vacuum cleaner also makes military robots. With that plan in mind, the Android has stolen a spaceship and is tracking their way through the solar system heading for the outer edges and beyond. As my buddy Mark Miller use to say, “Drive it like ya stole it!” and the Android is definitely in a bit of a hurry to get out of town. Now for a run down on the tunes and how they fit into the Android’s story.

Exit Velocity, the opening track, is just that; steal it, take off and get the hell out! It’s loud, fast, rambunctious and full of awesome headphone ear-candy! We even brought back an OG Android to help out on this one – Skerik! For the two of you that might still have it, Skerik was on the first Emotional Android album (only available on cassette btw, hah): Get this off my Chest Vol I, way back in 1991!  Drums: Don Gunn; Sax: Skerik; Guitar, guitar synth, bass and keyboards: Jimmy Thomas.


Low Earth Orbit – Now that the Android is off the ground, they need to map out a course to get out of here. Romping low to avoid being detected by the earthly popo, our friend circles the earth quickly and smoothly to get ready to roll. We needed help on this one too so we called our crazy pal Scott Adams to help get the funk outta here!! Scotty throws down the JB sax lines so the android can chill while working the controls. Sax: Scott Adams; Guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming: Jimmy Thomas.


Flight to Mars!! – Now that the android has a course, time to fly! Yeah the name is from our old Seattle Center Amusement park ride, but it gets the idea across nicely. Fast and silly while burning through space. Don Gunn throws down the drums to help the android keep the groove in their quest for freedom. Drums: Don Gunn; Guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and midibase: Jimmy Thomas.

Solar Winds - After slinging past Mars, the Android uses some good old fashioned sunshine to pick up speed. He’s getting into the groove of the borrowed transportation but needed a bit of help on this one too, so we called Bruce Laven to help out on keyboards. Drums: Don Gunn; Electric piano: Bruce Laven; Guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, guitar synth and keys: Jimmy Thomas.


Engine Mods - Needing to add more speed to their getaway, the Android modifies the ship’s engines. Using the solar winds for power, ion engines can move! Keyboards, guitar synth, bass synth: Jimmy Thomas.


Leaving - A bitter sweet groove, realizing that they can no longer protect humans and have to leave for good, the Android takes one last look back at the pale blue dot. Drums: Don Gunn

Guitars and bass: Jimmy Thomas.


Shades of Green - Our Android has made significant progress on their journey out of the solar system after the engine mods. However, they stop and take a look around Uranus. He vaguely remembered an old earth singer, Frank Sinatra, sang about planets and that Frank thought that "Uranus is heaven," so why not take a look on the way out. What he saw were various shades of green, a pretty mellow place. Drums: Don Gunn; Guitar, acoustic guitar, bass: Jimmy Thomas.


The Outer Rings - Deciding to go up rather than out, the Android makes a fast slingshot around the equator of Uranus and heads for the Oort cloud, the Outer rings. We needed serious help on this push so we got Bruce and Scotty to help out again. Drums: Don Gunn; Sax: Scott Adams; Piano. Organ: Bruce Laven; Guitar, bass, guitar synth, synth: Jimmy Thomas.


Termination Shock - As our intrepid Android books out of the system, they reach termination shock. It’s a fairly rough patch of space with some seriously rowdy consequences. Lots of screeching from the engines, pounding of solar winds as they bounce back from the heliosphere, makes for a fairly bumpy ride. Don Pulls out all the stops on this one! Drums: Don Gunn; Guitars, Bass, Keys: Jimmy Thomas.


Logic Level Zero - Pay dirt! As the Android leaves the solar system, the data stream from earth reaches logic level zero, they’re finally at peace. Guitar synth, keys: Jimmy Thomas



All songs written and arranged by Jimmy Thomas.

Published by JT’s Emotional Android ASCAP ℗ © 2022

All instruments except drums recorded at The Vulcan Philosophy Center by Jimmy Thomas.

Drums recorded by Don Gunn at the Office

Mixes, Editing and Mastering by Don Gunn at The Office

Cover art: Morgan Thomas

Produced by Jimmy Thomas




Emotional Android would like to thank all the Android people out there in the weird world we live in.

My wife and daughters for listening to the same stuff over and over without pounding on the floor; they respect the mics!!

Don Gunn for pro tools mentoring and gear recommendations. American Music, The Guitar Store, Dusty Strings, Tommy’s Guitars, Lift AV and of course Aviator Audio for keeping the stuff working and for Rick’s Custom made 65 Deluxe clone –that thing is sick!!


And, all of the thousands of badass musicians, sound crews, and friends I’ve had the luxury of working with for the last 40+ years!!

As always, Listen Loud and Have Fun!!


Contact info: jimmythomas111atgeemaildotcom
©2019 - 2023 jt’s emotional android

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