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The Squirels

Seattle's Favorite Weirdos Since 1984! 

The Squirrels from home PART ONE!!

Seattle rock & roll ironists the Squirrels were led by singer Rob Morgan, a longtime veteran of the Pacific Northwest underground scene who previously fronted local punk legends the Fishsticks. After further honing his goofy bubblegum-punk approach with the Pudz, in 1984 Morgan formed Ernest Anyway and the Mighty, Mighty Squirrels with members of the Young Fresh Fellows ; the group’s 1986 debut Sing the Hits of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates/Five Virgins juxtaposed renditions of material by the aforementioned Kidd with covers of psych-era hits like “Spirit in the Sky” and “Hair.” As the Young Fresh Fellows ’ own notoriety grew, Morgan was forced to assemble a new lineup, dubbed the New Age Urban Squirrels; subsequent incarnations included Squirrels Group ’87, Ron Voyage and the New Squirrels, and finally, around the 1990 release of What Gives?, simply the Squirrels. Two years later, the group issued a Christmas album, Son of Snowman/Don’t Fear the Snowman, followed in 1993 by Harsh Toke of Reality . In the wake of the Scrapin’ the Hits retrospective, Morgan disbanded the Squirrels in late 1997, but a year later teamed with keyboardist Tom Morrison to record a new track for a Sparks tribute LP; the project ultimately resulted in the formation of a new Squirrels lineup which issued the Pink Floyd potshot The Not-So-Bright Side of the Moon in 2000. ~ Jason Ankeny

Although most of the Squirrels material has been, technically speaking, cover versions, they are by no means a typical cover band. They have a theatrical stage sense derived from Alice Cooper and The Tubes (for a while in the mid-1990s, their stage paraphernalia included a working guillotine), and an approach to arrangements that Morgan has described as "… the Frankenstein method of song arrangement… 'Well, we like these verses, but the chorus on that song is way better. So we'll just graft it right on there, make a whole new beast.' We just start fooling around, and then we go 'Hey, this Alice Cooper song fits right on there, and to hell with the chorus. Let's put the chorus of "Runaway" by Del Shannon in there because it's better!'"[2] )

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The Not So Bright Side of the Moon


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The Not so Bright side of the moon

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